Production and distribution of brass and silver chains for high end brands
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Since 1968, UNOAERRE is leader in the production and distribution of brass chains for accessories, fashion and bijoux markets, both in Italy and abroad.
Through its Brass Division, initially founded with “MGZ” brand, UNOAERRE is now the supplier of the most prestigious names in national and international Haute Couture for their leather and clothing accessories.


The production includes a range of more than 1000 models of chains and components in noble metals (aluminium, copper, tin, zinc and their alloys), made with machineries built by ourselves, which can grant high quality of all our products.
This kind of production cycle allows the creation of customized products, according to the market requests and to the fashion and design trends.

The promptness of service, the care to details and the attention to the customer has always been a special feature of our job.


UNOAERRE stands out for its own production of chain making machineries, the ones we use to develop our products.
Their main feature is the high precision mechanics applied to machines which are extremely sophisticated.
This allows us to obtain products of a wide range of sizes, which can be customized in the smallest details, from the initial component till the end of the production cycle


The internal staff carries out continuous quality checks, both during the production process and on the finished product.
This guarantees the safety and reliability of our chains.
As the whole UNOAERRE logistic and production structures, the Brass Division is deeply involved in the application of good industrial practices aimed at respecting social and environmental responsibility.
Starting 2014 we got the certification of the Responsible Jewellery Council (COP 2013).
UNOAERRE, besides ensuring the strict compliance with the REACH legislation in its continuous evolution (European Regulation CE 1907/2006), is also able to provide products whose chemical composition is respectful of the most restrictive limits set by some international markets.
The Brass Division benefits of the UNOAERRE certified chemical laboratory for the verification of the chemical composition of the alloys used in its products.